Frequent Asked Questions of Special Tea (just take "yes tea" as a branch of viva tea in future here)

1. What does "Yes tea" provide?

We provide china green tea, white tea, oolong tea, black tea and other china herbal teas in all packing style such as teabags, paper or aluminum foil packets, plywood cartons, iron tins and so on.

2. How long has your company been in business?

Our parent company-Viva Tea was founded in 1998 and Yes tea is one branch of viva tea, specially exporting special tea abroad.

3. Are you a medicinal tea company?

No, Yes tea does not claim to be a medicinal tea company, although tea and herbs used in several blends do possess healthful benefits.

4. What is the shelf life of your tea?

Our tea shelf life is three years. We would like to assure you that there is no health or expiration concerns with our teas. You can identify the date that the product was manufactured and expiry date located on the bottom of the box or packet. ?

5. Production Question

What is the difference among white, green, black and oolong tea?

Teas are categorized by the drying and oxidation process they undergo.

  1. White tea is the least handled- only being plucked and dried.
  2. Green tea undergoes a small amount of processing and is then heated to stop oxidization.
  3. Oolongs (which cover a wide range of processes) usually have some physical manipulation done to them, breaking down the cellulose within the tea leaf to bring out the flavors. Oxidation is between 10% to 75%.
  4. Black teas are fully oxidized. The tea leaf is cut and bruised, bringing out the various flavors nascent in the leaf.

All tea contains polyphenols, which are potent antioxidants that improve the body's defenses and suppress free radical activity.

What are the health benefits of green tea?

We would like to clarify that we do not make any medicinal claims on any of our teas, but we have gathered many articles on the health benefits of green tea. Medical Research has discovered that green tea naturally contains an antioxidant or polyphenols called (Epigallocatechin Gallate) or EGCG for short. This polyphenols appears to inhibit the growth of urokinase, an enzyme that promotes the growth of cancerous tumors. Extensive human studies are being conducted and many more benefits associated with drinking tea are being discovered.

Does the decaffeination process of green tea affect the antioxidant benefits?

There will be minimal loss of the antioxidant benefits for several reasons. We purchase a premium grade green tea for decaffeination, and we are currently using a CO2 decaffeination process which retains most of the polyphenols. Green Tea is more delicate than black tea. Therefore, we recommend using water that has been brought to a rolling boil; bring the water to the point of boiling, or 185 degrees.

Why does tea sometimes taste bitter?

Tannins in tea are what give the tea the slightly astringent taste, especially when the tea is of poor quality or is brewed strong.

What is the Caffeine Amount in your teas?

Facts about Caffeine, did you know that tea contains only 1/4 to 1/2 the amount of caffeine contained in coffee?
Caffeine Average (Milligrams per 8 oz. Serving)
Green Tea 25 - 50
White tea 30-55
Black Tea 40 - 60
Oolong Tea 50- 70
Coffee 100 - 120

Do all Black Teas, Green Teas and White Teas contain caffeine?

Yes, all tea will naturally contain caffeine. Tea needs to undergo a decaffeination process to extract the caffeine, and then would be labeled as Decaffeinated Tea on our packaging.

Are there any calories in your tea?

None of our teas contain calories, but when blended with fruits they will possess a small amount of caloric energy potential.

Are there any carbohydrates in your tea?

None of our teas contain carbohydrates. Tea in its natural form (without added fruits, for example) does not have carbohydrates. Some of our teas like Berry Black or Lime Oasis, because they are fruits, are natural carbohydrates.

What is the nutritional value of tea?

The FDA currently does not require nutritional facts to be listed or presented on retail packaging for teas or herbal teasans. This is due to the fact that the "Daily Nutritional Value" of the ingredients in tea and teasan products have not been established. Therefore, Numi products do not display nutritional facts on the package, nor do we have any nutritional information that has been evaluated by the FDA.

6. Packaging Questions

Is your teabag paper bleached?

Our teabags are oxygen bleached rather than chlorine bleached, which means that they are treated with oxygen and not treated with bleach or any other chemicals.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Our unit boxes are 100% recyclable, our tea bags can be disposed in your compost bin. Our packaging is designed to ensure the freshest product possible for our consumer. We are actively pursuing alternative materials for over wrapping our teabags. This process requires extensive testing. Currently our overwrap contains both paper and foil and cannot be recycled in the same bin.

Do your teabags have staples?

Our teabags are held together with a food-grade staple wire.

More Information on Yes tea Packaging

Yes tea strives to be a sustainable as possible in its packaging and business practices and is always searching to find new and alternative ways to present and package their premium teas for consumption. We are currently researching alternative biodegradable materials that can provide the same protection for items that the market demands. Below is some information on why Yes tea uses the packaging it does.
The poly/foil/paper (post-consumer waste) lining around each tea bag is to keep the integrity of the tea as fresh as can be for flavor as well as maintaining health properties such as the anti-oxidants. We pack each tea bag into a tamper-evident, oxygen and moisture barrier sealed over wrap, which prevents deterioration of components and is essential for preserving the stability of tea and herb ingredients. Exposure to air, light and humidity has a measurable negative impact on the quality of cut, dried herbs. The sealed tea bag over wrap assures that the flavor of the tea, herbs, flowers or spices remain intact until they reach the teacup.

7. Certification Questions

What is Kosher certification?

The apple with a "K" symbol refers to Natural Food Certifiers. Natural Food Certifiers (NFC) gives kosher certification to only natural foods and natural alternative remedies. (They do not certify products with hydrogenated vegetable oils, for example.) NFC stands alone in certifying only natural food production. Natural Food Certifiers has as its goal: healthy foods, with a positive impact on the environment, in addition to the spiritual benefits derived from kosher foods. Thus, an NFC certified product is truly good for body and soul. This certification ensures Kosher and Pareve.

What is Halal certification?

Halal is an Arabic word meaning lawful or permitted. The opposite of Halal is haram, which means unlawful or prohibited. Halal and haram are universal terms that apply to all facets of life. By having our teas and teasans certified as Halal, we are saying that our teas contain no ingredients forbidden to people of the Muslim faith.

What does Organic mean?

The National Standards Board (NOSB) of the USDA defines organic agriculture as:
Organic agriculture is an ecological production management system that promotes and enhances biodiversity, biological cycles and soil biological activity.
It is based on minimal use of off-farm inputs and on management practices that restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony.
The principal guidelines for organic production are to use materials and practices that enhance the ecological balance of natural systems and that integrate the parts of the farming system into an ecological whole.
The primary goal of organic agriculture is to optimize the health and productivity of inter-dependent communities of soil life, plants, animals and people.

What "Organic" is:

Healthy! - Because the NOP prohibits the use of chemical pesticides, organic food is not only free of chemical pesticides; it can decrease and prevent chemical pesticides from getting into the water, earth and air. Some pesticides and fertilizers have been shown through extensive research to cause cancer and other diseases. The USDA's National Organic Program strictly forbids the use of GMOs and irradiation.
Ensures Quality - Producers of organic foods must adhere to strict standards, avoiding the use of toxic and persistent chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Als, the soil must be free of these and other prohibited substances for three years before certification. Organic foods are minimally processed without artificial ingredients, preservatives, or irradiation to maintain the food's integrity.
Supports Sustainability - Soil fertility and health is maintained and replenished naturally with composted and plant wastes, rotated and alternated crops; using methods and materials that have low impact on the environment.

Are your tea certificated?

Our teas are certified by IMP, BCS, ECOCERT, OFDC, NOP needed in different organic markets.

8. Sales Problem

Where can I buy your tea?

You can purchase our teas directly from our website. Simply browse our site and press the "Buy Now" button to purchase available items.

How can I get samples if I am interested in your product?

We supply OEM service, so after 20 days you can receive our countersamples if you offer us your own showpieces first.
If you are interested in our own product, we can send you samples after 7 days.
The cost of OEM sample-making should be afforded by you if it is more than 200 USD as well as the express charge

Can I place an order online?

Yes, you can purchase directly from our website. Simply browse our site and press the "Buy Now" button to purchase available items. For more information on how to order online, click here. If you are inconvenient to open the associated online link, please contact with TEL:0086-571-81106756 or FAX:0086-571-86772601 or email to YESTEA@TEA-MASTER.COM.

Can you send me a catalog?

You can click here and download our catalog. If you are not convenient to open the associated online link, please contact with TEL:0086-571-86786288 FAX: 0086-571-86772601 or emailed to sabrina.ctea@chinatalento.com.cn

Can I apply for credit terms?

Credit Terms may be setup following your opening order. Credit application and credit references are required.

How can I get more information?

Information can be requested via email: YESTEA@TEA-MASTER.COM or via telephone 0086 571 81106756

What is the payment item in wholesales?

When we cooperate with each other for the first time, we just accept 30% T/T in advance plus 70% DP at sight or L/C 60 days; as to the following business chance, we can negotiate according to order amount and tea types you purchase one time.